Powerball lottery winning numbers for Wednesday, June 26. Jackpot at $95 million (2024)

Will a $2 Powerball lottery ticket make you a multimillionaire? Check your numbers!

No one claimed the jackpot in the Powerball lottery drawing for $84 million on Monday, June 24. The jackpot rolled over to $95 million for the drawing on Wednesday, June 26.

The winning numbers for the Powerball lottery drawing on Wednesday, June 26 were 4-9-36-47-56 and the Powerball was 7. Power Play was 5x. Those numbers mean another rollover.

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday now grows to nine figures at $113 million, with a cash option of $54.3 million.

Winning Powerball numbers for drawing on Wednesday, June 26:

The Powerball jackpot dropped to $20 million after one ticket in New Jersey matched all five numbers and the Powerball to win the drawing for $221 million on Monday, June 10.

The Powerball jackpot now sits at $95 million, with a cash option of $45.7 million for Wednesday's drawing.

The winning numbers for the Powerball lottery drawing on Wednesday, June 26 were 4-9-36-47-56 and the Powerball was 7. Power Play was 5x.

In case you're wondering, the winning numbers for the Powerball lottery drawing on Monday, June 24 were 5-6-36-53-69 and the Powerball was 8. Power Play was 2x.

Tickets start at $2 a piece. Below is what to know about lottery odds, how long to claim the cash option if you bought a ticket in Florida, and what happens to unclaimed prize money, according to the Florida Lottery.

Good luck!

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Powerball results 6/26/24, $95 million drawing

The Wednesday, 6/26/24, Powerball jackpot is $95 million, with a cash option of $45.7 million. The winning numbers for the Powerball lottery drawing on Wednesday, June 26 were 4-9-36-47-56 and the Powerball was 7. Power Play was 5x.

When is the next Powerball drawing?

The next Powerball drawing will be held at 11 p.m. EDT on Saturday, June 29.

How long do you have to cash in a winning Florida Lottery ticket?

Prizes for Florida Lottery must be claimed within 180 days (six months) from the date of the drawing. To claim a single-payment cash option, a winner has within the first 60 days after the applicable draw date to claim it. Florida Lottery says its scratch-off tickets and Fast Play game prizes "must be claimed within 60 days of the official end-of-game date. Once the applicable time period has elapsed, the related Florida Lottery ticket will expire."

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What is the average chance of winning Powerball?

Powerball drawings are held at 11 p.m. EDT Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. According toPowerball.com, players have a 1 in 292.2 million chance to match all six numbers. Prizes range from $2 to the grand prize jackpot, which varies.

Can Florida lottery winners remain anonymous?

According toFlorida Lottery's website, winners cannot remain anonymous: "Florida law mandates that the Florida Lottery provide records containing information such as the winner's name, city of residence; game won, date won, and amount won to any third party who requests the information."

However, the site states, the "names of lottery winners claiming prizes of $250,000 or greater will be temporarily exempt from public disclosure for 90 days from the date the prize is claimed, unless otherwise waived by the winner."

Lottery experts and lawyers have said there are ways to remain anonymous if you win.

Who won, how long did it take to winPowerball, Mega Millions and those billion-dollar jackpots?

What are the Top 10 biggest Powerball jackpots in history?

Here are the Top 10 Powerball jackpots as of June 26, 2024:

  • 10. $731.1 million — Jan. 20, 2021; Maryland
  • 9.$754.6 million — Feb. 6, 2023; Washington
  • 8.$758.7 million — Aug. 23, 2017; Massachusetts
  • 7.$768.4 million — March 27, 2019; Wisconsin
  • 6. $842.4 million — Jan. 1, 2024; Michigan
  • 5. $1.08 billion — July 19, 2023; California
  • 4. $1.33 billion — April 6, 2024; Oregon
  • 3.$1.586 billion — Jan. 13, 2016; California, Florida and Tennessee
  • 2. $1.765 billion Powerball drawing — Oct. 11, 2023; California
  • 1.$2.04 billion — Nov. 7, 2022; California

What are the Top 10 largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history?

The following Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots made the Top 10 biggest lottery jackpots in U.S. history, as of June 26, 2024.

  • 10.$1.08 billion Powerball drawing — July 19, 2023; California
  • 9. $1.13 billion Mega Millions drawing — March 26, 2024; New Jersey
  • 8. $1.33 billion Powerball drawing — April 6, 2024; Oregon
  • 7.$1.337 billion Mega Millions drawing — July 29, 2022; Illinois
  • 6.$1.35 billion Mega Millions drawing — Jan. 13, 2023; Maine
  • 5. $1.537 billion Mega Millions drawing — Oct. 23, 2018; South Carolina
  • 4.$1.58 billion Mega Millions drawing — Aug. 8, 2023; Florida
  • 3.$1.586 billion Powerball drawing — Jan. 13, 2016; California, Florida and Tennessee
  • 2. $1.765 billion Powerball drawing — Oct. 11, 2023; California
  • 1.$2.04 billion Powerball drawing — Nov. 7, 2022; California

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Powerball lottery winning numbers for Wednesday, June 26. Jackpot at $95 million (2024)


Powerball lottery winning numbers for Wednesday, June 26. Jackpot at $95 million? ›

Did Powerball make you a millionaire overnight? After no one matched all five numbers plus the Powerball on Monday, June 24 the grand prize grew to $95 million for the Wednesday, June 26 drawing. The winning numbers for Powerball on Wednesday were 4-9-36-47-56 and the Powerball was 7. Power Play was 5x.

Did anyone win the Powerball tonight? ›

There was no jackpot winner in California for this draw. But there are 42,182 winning tickets! Get your ticket for the next draw. To see draw results for participating POWERBALL lotteries outside California, search POWERBALL results.

How many numbers do you need to win the Powerball? ›

In order to win the Powerball jackpot you need to guess all six numbers correctly. However, you can still win some cash with just a few. The jackpot is now at $95 million for Wednesday's drawing after nobody claimed the prize on Monday. #Powerball was not hit tonight.

How do you win $2000000 on Powerball? ›

The jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball. Jackpot winners may choose to receive their prize as an annuity, paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years, or a lump-sum payment. Both advertised prize options are prior to federal and jurisdictional taxes.

How much do you get for matching the Powerball number? ›

So, do you win anything for one number in Powerball? Only if the matching number is the red "Powerball number" itself. You'll win a $4 prize which covers the cost of a Powerball ticket plus a little extra to boot. The odds of this happening are 1 in 38.

Do you win money if you have 2 numbers in Powerball? ›

Match 2 white numbers + Powerball — $7. Match 1 white number + Powerball — $4. Powerball only — $4.

What is the next drawing for Mega Millions? ›

Mega Millions® drawings are held Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 pm ET.

What do you win if you have 3 numbers and the Powerball number? ›

3 numbers plus the Powerball - $100

The odds to get that you win the $100 cash prize jump to 1 in 14,494.

What is the difference between a $2 and a $3 Powerball ticket? ›

The Powerball ticket price is $2 per play. You can add Power Play for $1, bringing the total to $3 per ticket. The Double Play add-on also costs an additional $1 for a total of $3 per ticket. You can add both Power Play and Double Play for a total of $4 per ticket.

What do you win if all you get is the Powerball number? ›

Yes, if you just hit the Powerball number, you win $4.

This gives you the $2 purchase of your ticket back, plus an extra $2. According to Powerball's official website, the odds of your ticket matching only the Powerball is 1 in 38.32.

What happens if you get all 5 numbers but not the Powerball? ›

Matching three main numbers and the Powerball or four main numbers, that's a $100 payout. To land a $50,000 prize, you'll have to match four main numbers and the Powerball. If you match five main numbers but not the Powerball, your ticket is worth $1 million.

What are 9 ways to win Powerball? ›

The possible winning tickets and their cash prizes are as follows:
  • Match all 5 white numbers only — $1 million.
  • Match 4 out of 5 white numbers + Powerball — $50,000.
  • Match 4 white numbers only — $100.
  • Match 3 white numbers + Powerball — $100.
  • Match 3 white numbers only — $7.
  • Match 2 white numbers + Powerball — $7.

How to win 50 000 in Powerball? ›

A $50,000 prize means the ticket matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball number.

How do you know if you won Powerball? ›

If you've decided to enter the Powerball lottery but don't know how to check the winning numbers, you can get them from the official Powerball website, sign up for instant email alerts, watch your local nightly news or check back at the venue where you purchased your ticket.

Do you win anything with just the Mega Ball number? ›

The Mega Ball - $2

If your gold Mega Ball matches the one that is drawn you will breakeven, getting your $2 ticket purchase back. The odds of your ticket matching only the gold Mega Ball is 1 in 37.

How to pick winning Powerball numbers? ›

Using the most commonly drawn winning numbers can increase your chances of winning. The three most common winning numbers overall are 61, 32 and 63. Other top numbers are 21, 36, 69, 39, 23, 59 and 62. Choosing the most commonly drawn Powerball numbers can increase your odds, namely 24, 18, 4, 10 and 21.

How much is the mega million? ›

A Mega Millions ticket costs $2 per play. For an additional $1, players can add the Megaplier to potentially increase their winnings outside of the jackpot.

What is double play on Powerball? ›

Double Play is an add-on feature that gives players in select jurisdictions another chance to match their Powerball numbers in a separate drawing with a top cash prize of $10 million. Players can add the Double Play feature to their Powerball ticket for an additional $1 per play.

How does Powerball work in California? ›

In each game, players select five numbers from a set of 69 white balls and one number from 26 red Powerballs; the red ball number can be the same as one of the white balls. The drawing order of the five white balls is irrelevant; all tickets show the white ball numbers in ascending order.

What time are mega million results in South Africa today? ›

When and What Time Is The Mega Millions Draw? The MegaMillions is drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 05:00 SAST.

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