Jolteon Copypasta (2024)

1. Eeveeevolution's wholesome copypasta - Imgflip

  • Eeveeevolution's wholesome copypasta. Eeveeevolution's wholesome copypasta | EEVEE IS SO CUTE THEY ARE PERFECT FLUFFY AND SNUGGLY; I ... JOLTEON, FLAREON, ESPEON, ...

2. [Copypasta] Umbreon is better than Vaporeon for humans - TwitchQuotes

  • Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female pokemon breeding, vaporeon is not the most compatible pokemon for humans?

  • Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female pokemon breeding, vaporeon is not the most compatible pokemon for humans? This is a common and understandable misconception, however vaporeon has its human on pokemon breedability outclassed by it's cousin evolution, umbreon. Umbreon boasts an extremely impressive defense stat spread. With it's combination of very high HP, defense and special defense stats, it can take a great pounding and come back for more! It's ability, inner focus allows it to keep slamming attentively, without getting fatigued. Umbreon also has access to the ability synchronise, which allows it to share it's current status with you, meaning you will receive all of the pleasure it feels combined with all the pleasure you're getting from pounding this perfect, breedable pokemon. A great fun fact, umbreon can excrete toxins in it's sweat, which would in turn soak your member and swell it up, making it even more sizable and sensitive. This would not only enhance the experience for you, but for your umbreon as well (which with synchronise, ends up pleasing you exponentially more). It can learn payback, which doubles in power after the pokemon is hit, meaning umbreon will throw it back twice as hard as normally if you're hitting it good. Umbreon can also learn guard swap, it could give you it's insane durability, and go crazy on you all night with your now massive endurance. Speaking of endurance, umbreon also has access to endure, making it...

3. Friday Night Breedin' | Funkipedia Mods Wiki - Fandom

  • Friday Night Breedin' is a single song joke mod created by Nathan S.. It is based on an infamous copypasta ... Jolteon. In the story, Vaporeon can be 1st ...

  • Friday Night Breedin' is a single song joke mod created by Nathan S.. It is based on an infamous copypasta surrounding the pokémon Vaporeon and how sexually compatible it supposedly is with humans. The mod is also an experiment on the creator's production pace, challenging himself to produce a mod in under a week.[2] The mod concept began as early as the 21st of August, 2021, Nathan S. wanted to make himself a challenge to complete a single song joke mode in at least 1 day or a whole week. Howev

4. Favorite Eeveelution? - General - Elite Fourum

5. Vaporeon is sick and tired of the Vaporeon copypasta

  • Vaporeon - Vaporeon is sick and tired of the Vaporeon copypasta. nox ... Blursed amazon. Flareon Comfy Friends Plush -17% In. $35.99 40 Reviews Jolteon ...

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6. The multifaceted Eevee - cohost!

  • May 2, 2024 · ive always loved jolteon! it has last kid picked at dodgeball vibes ... It's a good choice though, copypasta aside. login to reply.

  • Look at you! You can be anything! Well, not anything I guess. You can be like 9 things, but that covers a lot of ground. Except Ground. You can't be that. What's your favorite Eeveelution? Mine is Sylveon.

7. Jolteon by Quiddel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

  • Jolteon. By Quiddel, posted 5 months ago. Continueing the eeveelutions ... This is clearly the superior copypasta. DSR-23 I'm ½ Nerd, ½ Immature ...

  • Continueing the eeveelutions we have Jolteon.. I had to redraw this guy three times because I messed up something or other.. But this ve ...

8. Unaccepted - Pokepasta Wiki - Fandom

  • Missing: copypasta | Show results with:copypasta

  • ~ Please... ~ LINK: (Image was created using Official Pokemon Shiny Jolteon pic, edited on Pixlr by Element02) I should have just accepted her for who she was. I was having fun, playing my SoulSilver. I was walking around in the grass, looking for a shiny Eevee. I needed one. I must have one, to get a shiny Jolteon. I entered one patch of grass, and I was amazed at what I saw. It was a wild Jolteon. Wait... Is that the animati

9. did you know that jolteon copypasta | Discover - Kwai

  • PENTATONIX "Mary, Did You Know?*. um dia andaria sobre a água?que o teu menino...veio para te tornar numa mulher diferente?Esta criança que trouxeste ao ...

  • PENTATONIX "Mary, Did You Know?*. um dia andaria sobre a água?que o teu menino...veio para te tornar numa mulher diferente?Esta criança que trouxeste ao mundo...vai acalmar a tempestade com as suas mãos?Quando beijas o teu bebé...O cego verá. o morto voltará a viver...dos louvores do Cordeiro!que o teu menino...é o único Cordeiro dos Céus?que essa criança adormecida que estás a abraçar.

10. What's your favorite Eevelution? · forum - osu! - ppy

  • Dec 18, 2020 · ... eeveelution? Unevolved eevee. 1. 4.55%. Vaporeon. 3. 13.64%. Jolteon. 2. 9.09%. Flareon. 1. 4.55%. Espeon. 1. 4.55%. Umbreon. 2. 9.09%. Leafeon.

  • Forums » Other » Off-Topic » Surveys » What's your favorite Eevelution?

11. cohost! - #eeveelution

  • Jolteon a.k.a spiky boi! Only Eevee and Sylveon left! I'm working on a bazillion things at the same time, so sorry for the lack of posting ;u;.

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12. Jolteon | Eevee - Know Your Meme

  • ... Jolteon. Share Pin · 3 @tontaro. Starlars. View All 2,177 Images. More ... CopyPasta/Analog Horror 'The Backrooms' Has Finally Been Discovered. Next. Stay ...

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13. Vaporeon Spin Copypasta - Discover & Share GIFs - Tenor

  • Oct 2, 2022 · The perfect Vaporeon Spin Copypasta Animated GIF for your conversation ... copypasta · spinning · jolteon · flareon · sylveon · eevee.

  • Click to view the GIF

Jolteon Copypasta (2024)


What is the Japanese name for Jolteon? ›

Jolteon (Japanese: サンダース Thunders) is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

How tall is Jolteon? ›

Height 2' 07" Weight 54.0 lbs. Gender.

Who designed Jolteon? ›

The design for Eevee and its initial evolutions, Jolteon and Flareon, were provided by Japanese graphic designer Motofumi Fujiwara, while fellow graphic designer Atsuko Nishida designed Vaporeon.

What is the cheat name for Vaporeon? ›

Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into water-type Vaporeon. Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon.

Is A Vaporeon Furry or scaly? ›

It has smooth skin, which can either be interpreted as very small scales or just normal mammalian skin.

Who is Vaporeon crush? ›

Crystal's Vaporeon is known for having a crush on Eve.

What is the gender ratio of Vaporeon? ›

Eevee Bubble Jet Pokémon #043
Type Water Unknown Unknown
Ability Water AbsorbHidden Ability Hydration
Mega Ability
Gender ratio 87.5% male, 12.5% femaleCatch rate 45 (5.9%)
7 more rows

What does copypasta mean? ›

A copypasta is a block of text copied and pasted to the Internet and social media. Copypasta containing controversial ideas or lengthy rants are often posted for humorous purposes, to provoke reactions from those unaware that the posted text is a meme.

Why is Vaporeon so cute? ›

The Pokémon's large, dark eyes and big ears give it the cute, friendly appearance of a kitten or a fennec fox.

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