Cursive s – How to Write a Lowercase s in Cursive (2024)

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Anyone who’s interested in learning how to write a cursive “s” has come to the right place. This entire website is here to help those interested in learning how to write cursive letters learn how to write them, and this particular page is dedicated to helping people learn how to write the cursive “s”. As you may or may not know, cursive writing isn’t being taught as in-depth as it has in the past with some schools even deciding to no longer teach cursive writing. Even those schools that continue to teach cursive often have cut back on the amount of time spent teaching it. It’s our hope that free online cursive writing resources like this can help fill in some of the gaps that are forming in students’ cursive writing education.

If you happen to be an individual trying to learn how to write cursive on your own, a teacher who is hoping to give your students a little more practice with different cursive letters or homeschooling parents who hope to teach your children how to be proficient in cursive writing, we hope that this site has the resources you need to meet those needs. We provide a video that shows the proper way to write a cursive “s” along with a cursive “s” printable worksheet that anyone can use to practice. While this page is dedicated to teaching the cursive “s”, the website has videos and cursive worksheets for all the other letters of the alphabet as well.

For both the video and cursive worksheet, we use D’Nealian cursive. There are dozens of other cursive fonts that exist and all are legitimate cursive fonts as well, but we use D’Nealian cursive since it’s the most commonly taught cursive in US schools. If you learned cursive at school, you likely learned D’Nealian cursive. In addition to it being the most common, it’s also a relatively basic cursive font which makes it a lot easier to learn than some of the fancier ones. This makes it an excellent first cursive font to learn as once the basics of D’Nealian cursive are learned, it’s often easier to learn the fancier cursive fonts.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “s”

Of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, the cursive “s” is one that often gives beginners a bit of trouble. It’s definitely one of the more difficult cursive letters to learn. What that means is that you may need to spend a little more time, and make a bit more effort, to learn the cursive “s” than you had to spend when learning some of the other cursive letters in the alphabet. Being one of the letters that often give students difficulties, it’s extra important to take the time to watch the video on the proper way to write a cursive “s” before trying it on your own. Pay special attention to the mistakes that those first trying to write it make so you can avoid making them. This will help you master the cursive “s” more quickly.

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Once you’ve watched the video enough times to where you feel comfortable that you know the stroke and the mistakes to avoid, the next step is to attempt writing the cursive “s” on your own. Instead of trying to do it completely by yourself, a good plan is to try writing it while watching the video at the same time. Even better is if you download and print out a cursive “s” worksheet where you have the choice to trace dotted lines or try it on your own, whichever you feel more confident doing. Continue to use the cursive “s” printable worksheet until you’re confident enough to try to write a cursive “s” on your own on regular paper and without watching the video.

The cursive “s” worksheet can help in a number of different ways. For teachers, it can be used in the classroom to help the students better master the letter or it can be assigned to be printed at home so the students can practice writing it on their own. For parents who have decided to homeschool their kids, the video in combination with the worksheets can be the foundation for an entire course on how to write cursive letters. The cursive worksheets are a wonderful practice tool for anyone studying how to write a cursive “s” on their own or while watching the video.

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Cursive s – How to Write a Lowercase s in Cursive (2024)
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